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Q: What is the difference between ready-made and custom-made blinds?

A: Big retailers often carry ready-made blinds with styles and sizes based on "standard" window sizes. However, most windows can vary considerably in width, height, and shape. With custom-made blinds, your windows will be fitted with perfectly fitted shades. You will also have a much larger selection of fabrics, colors, and styles.

Q: Can I measure the window and install the blinds myself?

A: We strongly recommend a professional come to measure the window and then install your blinds to give you the quickest, easiest, and best service possible. Not only can window measurement and installation be tricky or dangerous, but often requires specific tools and knowledge that we can provide!

Q: Will I be able to see a sample before I purchase?

A: Yes! By scheduling a free in-home consultation, we can show you a variety of fabrics and colors to help match your personal style. As well, we have many blinds installed and on show at our Kingston location to allow you to see in-person how your blind will look and operate.  

Q: How can I get pricing?

A: Following your design consultation, we will provide a detailed quote showing the cost of your window treatments, installation fees, shipping, and taxes. Since all of our blinds are custom, pricing is determined by your choice of product, size of window, and difficulty of installation.

Q: Do you carry blinds for French doors or sliding-glass doors?

A: Yes, we offer a variety of looks to provide stylish window coverings for all doors.

Q: Do you offer solutions for uniquely shaped windows?

A: Yes, we can provide you with a multitude of options to style your specially shaped windows.

Q: Can I have an in-home consultation even if I can't buy everything now?

A: Of course! Our designer can help you design your entire home or just a room and save your file. Whenever you are ready to purchase, we can pull it up and you are good to go!