Layered & Wood Blinds in Kingston, WA

Clearview Blinds and Shades, LLC provides premium layered blinds and solar shades to homeowners throughout Kingston, Hansville, Port Ludlow, and Poulsbo, WA. Let us help you outfit every room of your home with window treatments that perfectly encapsulate your interior design and light control needs. From timeless wood blinds to efficient cellular shades, you’ll have numerous options when it comes to style, color, material and size. We offer the best in Graber and Comfortex Color Lux window products.

Our Blind and Shade Selection

Blinds give you ultimate control over the sun exposure in your home. Let in a soft light when the sun is at its peak, reduce glare as it rises and sets, and turn the all the way shut for total privacy in your living space. We sell all types of blinds so Kingston, WA can set the mood in their home and enjoy every room comfortably. From simple layered blinds to modern layered shades, timeless wood blinds, and even shutters for bold aesthetic appeal, we’ll help you find the perfect treatment for every room.

Our Shade Selections

Shades are simple and effective—just pull them shut to block or mitigate light and improve your privacy! We sell all types of shade styles to ensure homeowners get the best aesthetic along with light mitigation properties. Choose from modern cellular and solar shades, opt for eye-catching plated and layered shades, or maximize your control with natural shades. From semi-sheer to total blackout, in colors, styles and materials fit for every home, we promise you’ll find the right shades at Clearview Blinds and Shades, LLC!

Explore Window Treatment Styles

The right window treatments make a bold statement in any room and give you the power to control sunlight, privacy and more. Consult with the experts at Clearview Blinds and Shades, LLC to learn more about the many styles of blinds and shades we offer. We’ll make sure you get the right treatment for every room of your home, custom-measured to fit perfectly. Contact us today at 360-774-2658 to schedule a consultation on custom draperies and blind repairs.